Legislature Calls Cannabis Hearings For November and December…No MMJ Fix Discussion

by Jim Boldt , 1 Comment

It’s November Already Everyone is walking around talking about how long this upcoming 2015 legislative session will run. Most agree a very long time. All they have to do is head-fake the Supreme Court, raise billions of dollars for education, transportation, keep China from getting coal, keep California from getting crude oil, catch up with […]

Emergency Cannibis Testing Lab Rule Goes Into Effect Today

by Jim Boldt , 1 Comment

Emergency Rule Regarding Good Laboratory Practices Checklist The Washington State Liquor Control Board filed an Emergency Rule with the Code Reviser’s Office for the Good Laboratory Practices Checklist for third-party testing labs for marijuana. This emergency rule is necessary for third party testing labs to complete their provisional certification. We expect that the first labs […]

It’s A Party? A Marijuana Party? A Political Party? Seriously

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Party Designation: Candidacy Form The official form used for filing for elected office in Washington State is uniform. It’s the same from big time Congressional positions to the non-partisan weed control district commissioner. The form requests all sorts of information; location, name, address, position for which you want to be elected, an oath of filing, […]