Opinion: What Is It About Republicans And Cannabis; Part II? Representative Klippert Bill, Late And Incomplete

By Cannabis Wire Editorial Staff

Bill Addresses A Non Problem

Representative Klippert’s HB 2510 (R-Kennewick) will be read in Monday. The bill solves a desire of other Republicans to allow cities and counties to block the implementation of I-502, Washington’s recreational cannabis use law. Klippert should read the Washington Attorney General’s recent opinion written in response to the Liquor Control Board’s question: Can muni’s prohibit the implementation of I-502? Someone tell Klippert the AG already said the locals can block the recreational use law.

Bill Construction

Well, you read section one and see if that grammatical protocol matches with the Statutory Law Review Committee’s language protocols. This thing was obviously written by like-thinking caucus staff, or a group of Klippert’s former law enforcement buddies who want to go beyond enforcement and impose their personal twenty century cultural choices.

And Finally, Why Leave MMJ Free?

Is Kllippert aware that his narrowly drafted prohibition enabler only relates to the recreational use of cannabis? By granting the prohibition narrowly for RCW 69.50.334 (I-502) the bill does not affect existing or ongoing Medical Marijuana (69.51A) co-op growers or dispensaries. The former law enforcement officer and graduate of Northwest College with a BA in “Behavioral Science and Biblical Studies” should tighten up the bill if he really wants to stop all cannabis production and sales in his legislative district.

The Bills Here:

Yes Plural. The Tri-City legislator has two bills on the subject. Some legislators act like drafting and introducing a bill costs nothing. HB 2509 HB 2510



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